Twitch has recently banned Loserfruit emote on the grounds of “bullying” during their drive to ban potential emote abuse.

Twitch has been on a banning streak of streamers own custom emotes in the recent month and as we move forward the trend seems to continue.

The most recent ban being, In March, where ‘Chica’ had her chicken emote banned by the Amazon owned streaming platform because the emote cartoon critter was making an “L” sign above its head.

Now, Loserfruit also have a very similar emote where she herself is appearing as a cartoon character in the emote and holding a ‘L’ sign above her head.

Banned Loserfruit emote – “inciting abuse”

In a post on Twitter, Loserfruit shared that her “own cartoon character holding ‘L’ sign above the head” emote has been removed.

According to Twitch, the “fruitLoser” emote was disallowed because it could result in “targeted insults, bullying and threatening or inciting abuse.”

“Wonder when they gonna come for my username,” the Australian Twitch star pondered.

In the comments, many of her fans defended the emote and mentioned that anyone can just go into someone else’s chat and spam “L.”

“Bruh that’s literally just an emote of you,” one user commented.

“It’s the woke world everyone asked for, isn’t it? If a single person doesn’t like something, it instantly gets banned,” said another.

Late last month, a former Twitch employee described the logic behind emote removals, noting that the site will evaluate emotes according to how viewers may potentially abuse them.

Regardless, users have raised fascinating points regarding the letter L, in general, possessing the same effect as an emote if used incorrectly, but Twitch hasn’t banned it from chats.

Meanwhile, those who are dissatisfied with Twitch’s rigorous regulation have plenty of other options, with sites like Kick giving broadcasters more freedom to upload whatever they want.

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