In this short Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide, we will show you how to complete the “A Taste of Home” quest in Disney Mirabel.

The third significant update to Disney Dreamlight Valley added a new Star Path, a rather controversial Premium Shop, new recipes, and two cute characters. Mirabel is one such character who, upon arrival, has some fascinating quests to do.

The first quest is to repair Mini-Casita, and the second is A Taste of Home, which includes a difficult dish. With that in mind, here’s a Disney Dreamlight Valleys A Taste of Home walkthrough to help you back to unlocking Olaf or completing that tough gem problem.

How to complete A Taste of Home quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley


Reach friendship level 4 with Mirabel

The first step is to reach a friendship level of four with Mirabel. This can be accomplished by completing her first quest, giving her gifts, and speaking to her on a daily basis.

After you’ve done this, she’ll approach you about forgetting a specific recipe for a dish she adores. She’ll ask for your assistance in making this delectable dish, and the Taste of Home quest will begin.

Make Buñuelos for Mirabel

As is customary with food-related tasks, proceed to Remy and deliver him the dish Mirabel has previously prepared.

He’ll give you three of the four components and instruct you to experiment until you find the perfect formula.

  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Milk
  • 1 Eggs
  • 1 Cheese

The fourth ingredient you’re looking for is Cheese. Simply put all those ingredients in a pot and create your Bunuelos.

Cook Bunuelos for three characters

Mirabel will ask you to make three more Bunuelos for her friends in the village when you successfully prepare the Bunuelos. Make three additional Bunuelos for Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, and Goofy. The A Taste of Home Disney Dreamlight Valley quest will then be completed.

Once you’ve completed A Taste of Home, Mirabel’s next quest is called Interfere with Mirabel.

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