First of all, I want to thanks Yuna gaming “Dev Singh” for this fun conversation he is such a sweet guy we never met online or in-person I just sent him an e-mail and he replied to me with ki “Karte Hain”.

Yuna gaming is one of India’s fastest-growing gaming creator with over 24.5k subscribers. He plays a lot of games but the one game that makes him so famous between his audience is GTA V RP and his character “Bableshwar”.

Bableshwar is a gangster plus a responsible boyfriend plus a loyal friend lets hear from Yuna what his take on these.

GC: How was your early life?

Yuna: My early life was so difficult as like many others which can see in story of my life video that is available on my channel in which many times I lost hopes and tried to suicide but never succeed because maybe god had these things waiting for me ahead, and I have a guy or you can say a blessing with me you all know him as RakaZone Gaming Aka Rishab Karanwal he encouraged me and motivated me a lot so I tried and now I am here.

GC: Define Yourself in 3 words

Yuna: Yuna is a guy or a streamer who just want to interact with more & more audience and do the best he can do for the community.

GC: As I have seen some vlogging videos on your channel so, what are your future plans on vlogging will you be shifting to a new channel and creating some lifestyle vlogging videos?

Yuna: As per now I don’t have any plans for another channel buy yes I am a travelling lover so if in future I’ll get a chance to travel in different cities or countries. I’ll definitely make vlogs and post it on my channel or maybe on another channel.

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GC: Which Video has changed your gaming career completely?

Yuna: Best gang escape from police in GTA V RP feat. RakaZone Gaming totally changed my career in gaming/streaming which is about to hit 1 lakh views.

Credit: Yuna Gaming

GC: What is the one thing that you would like to change about the Indian gaming industry and why?

Yuna: If I’ll have a chance then I would love to change the thinking of audience as they force streamer to do this that which creates pressure on streamer so I think they should just wait & watch that what their streamer can do to entertain them rather than forcing him/her to do things that they want.

GC: What is your version of ‘Growth’ in youtube Livestream scene, is it more donations and subscriptions or it is views and chats?

Yuna: My version of growth is people that are supporting you and will be on your side no matter what, subs and views can be earned with sub bots, money can be earned by doing other jobs but if you have good audience who will stand with you in every situation that means you are growing good.

GC: What advice would you give to new gaming content creators and aspiring live streamers, what DOs and Donts would you recommend them?

Yuna: For the new & upcoming streamers I just wanna say that don’t have aims like to earn money only or to get famous, just focus on your content without having motives like a mentioned above because sometimes having no motive is the best motive to grow.

GC: What is your take on Indian E-sports scene and what are your plans on it?

Yuna: Esports in India is growing every day and creating future in this field too as per now I don’t have plans to play as an esports player but I would love to work for an esports brand as I m already working with Global Esports.

GC: Who are “Riya” and “Patakka” is any of them are your Real life girlfriend and if not then if you would like to answer is there any special girl in your life?

Yuna: Riya was just a random Character I met in GTA V RP, I was roaming around with her and as soon as I got to know that she is performing good RP I started recording created content without scripting or letting her know but after recording I told her that I recorded this, I am this YouTuber and if you allow can I upload this on my channel. So with her permission, I uploaded it and that video went viral as well.

and Yes, I do have a special girl in my life and the day she came in my life, my career boosted a lot, she was with me in every situation & supported me ever after staying thousands of kilometres away. She is the one I can expect as my partner.

Credit: Yuna gaming

GC: Why are you so obsessed about marriage as many of your videos are titled as “Bableshwar ki shadi” , “Aaj hogi Bableshwar ki shadi”?

Yuna:  hahaha there is not a particular thing it’s just that my audience loves the marriage series of Bubleshwar and am also excited about my marriage too xD.

GC: What is the story behind “Gang gang MF” and “Yuna Gaming”?

Yuna: story behind Yuna Gaming is just that I had 3 names of my youtube channel before Yuna gaming .. I use to upload funny videos and pranks with different channel name then I switched to roasting with different channel names then I switched to pubg mobile from mobile with a different name but when I made my pc and decided to be a pc gamer then i thought I should finalise a name that is unique and starts with an alphabet which is very less used in terms of name so I picked up Y alphabet than suddenly Yunatic popped in my mind so I decided that I should change the name into Yuna Gaming and my subs will be known as Yunatic Army.

GC: Any encouraging message for your “doodh ki factory” fans?

Yuna:  I always keep encouraging my fans that are my family so today I won’t encourage them but I would love to thanks them for the amount of love & support they show to me. I never imagined that I will get this much of love & support so yeah I thanks them from the bottom of my heart and promise them I’ll always stay like this and will keep entertaining them verna vo *Mujhe Marenge itna pta nehi kitna* xD

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