YouTube and Dr Disrespect are soon going to work together to make YouTube better than Twitch. This all is happening after Doc’s rant about the platform’s function and how it can be improved.

Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest and well known star of streaming industry.

Last year, in June 2020 he was permanently banned from Twitch and was approached by YouTube.

Although, YouTube has done a lot of improvements on their live-streaming section but the experienced Doc believes that there is more to improve.

During May 22 stream, Dr Disrespect ranted about why he believes YouTube is “underdeveloped” and how it needs to speed up its development.

Further in Livestream, he discusses how limited distribution of clipping feature and subscriber functionality needs to be fixed and the statement received a huge amount of support from his fans all across social media.

Adding up to the story, The platform’s Head of Gaming and Commerce, Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt, reached out to thank Doc — eventually agreeing to a meeting for further feedback.

Responding to a section of Doc’s rant, Fwiz replied “love it. Good feedback,” in his further tweet he confirmed that the company was “working on some things” the streamer might appreciate.

Dissatisfied with that tease, Doc told Fwiz that if they had a one-hour meeting, the entire YouTube “platform would be taken to the next level for life.”

In response to that, Fwiz simply stated that his office would be reaching out to Dr Disrespect’s, pointing out that an actual meeting can take place. If this turns out to be true and both Dr Disrespect and YouTube work together we might see a drastic change in YouTube features and algorithms.


Recently, Doc was working with Rogue Company a third-person shooter game to help them design a champions club map.

With a YouTube meeting he might fully change YouTube’s livestreaming section.

As far as improvements the Doc has expressed interest in, the standouts include better clipping functionality (including the option to clip on any channel as well as clip directories) and subscriber features (including gifted subs and the like).

However, we might have to wait a little bit depending on when this meeting takes place and the development speed.

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