Hype House founder and Thomas Petrou and other TikTokers are slamming a paparazzi saying “you’re taking stalking to a new level” after he clicks video of Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson at the airport.

TikTok has been a biggest trend in recent years and there is no doubt that it has given many creators a
chance to showcase their skills and also created many stars like Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Bryce Hall.

Well, the downside of being a public figure and especially being from a platform which features mostly
couple videos is that you have very little privacy as everybody wants to know what is going on in your
current life, your relationship status and everything related to you.

These TikTok stars do a lot of interviews with paparazzi and other media outlets but a group of Tiktokers are slamming one paparazzi for apparently “stalking” Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson.


Why are TikTokers slamming a Paparazzi?

Kevin Wong a paparazzi posted a video of Charli and Chase reuniting at LAX, which offended a couple of fellow TikTokers.

“You’re taking stalking to a new level. Give them some privacy,” Hype House founder Thomas Petrou said. He also added a simple message, asking Wong to stop as well.

Additionally, Mia Haywood and Bryant Eslava posted similar messages as Petrou. “Did you really follow them to the airport? Chill with that,” said Mia. “Damn, this is too far Kevin,” added Bryant.

Responding to it Wong replies with explanation saying that he was himself waiting for someone at the
airport and did not actually followed D’Amelio’s anywhere.

“I was already at LAX waiting for someone to show up, then I saw a big white Rolls Royce drive around and saw Mr D’Amelio & Charli,” he said.

Neither of Charli or Chase has said any word on this drama, we will update you if any of them responds to it.

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