xQc’s Mario Kart stream snipers rant goes hilariously wrong, dealing with stream snipers is one of the most annoying things that streamers have to face daily.

xQc is one of the most annoyed stream sniper victims, well it is obvious if you are one of those
streamers whose rise to fame is because of rants.

The ex-Overwatch professional always finds himself bombarded with stream snipers in every
game no matter how hard he tries to keep himself hidden.

The same happened, during xQc’s recent January 21 was streaming Mario Kart which was also full of stream snipers and it looks like even it isn’t a safe space for him.


During his iconic animated racing game, the Canadian star was being swarmed by many stream snipers throughout the races.

So, to check how many of those opponents are stream snipers he put a little request – before the race started, he asked his stream not to move forward if they’re stream sniping. “Guys, Hold B, so you at least don’t go forward,” he asked of those who were listening. Then, as it started up, he reiterated the point once more, urging snipers to not go forward.

Expecting maybe a small handful of the other players to stay still, xQc switched to the back camera
— and when the race started, eight of the 11 opposing players started hopping around him at
the start line, clearly having fun at his expense.

Luckily, xQc was not in the mood of a rant, instead, his mood was little light and he immediately dropped his head and laughed before backing out of the race, unable to speak through the laughter.

Simply saying that he’s “done” and cracking up at the “bulls**t” he had to endure, even xQc
couldn’t be mad at how his games were ruined, in disbelief at the level of commitment his viewers showed.

Stream snipers are in every game, however experiencing a stream sniper in competitive games
like CSGO, Fortnite and Apex Legends can be little frustrating but there is always something
funny if you are in the happy mood.