Popular Twitch streamer xQc was recently tricked into roasting his own low-level chess match without him understanding what was happening.

xQC’s journey through the chess world has been interesting. There have been noteworthy occurrences across the board, whether it was him making a big mistake in front of GM Hikaru Nakamura or staying asleep for his match at Ludwig’s Chessboxing event in 2022.

This personality, on the other hand, joins the ranks of his very finest, since he exhaustively critiqued a mystery player and gave them a 100-599 Chess Rating guess before discovering it was his own gameplay he was criticizing.

xQc tricked to roast his own chess match

Twitch’s fifth most followed streamer was not kind when he ignored the match video that was provided for him to examine. It didn’t take long for his uncertainty about the player’s moves to show.

He was surprised to learn that his answer, which ranked the gameplay at the lowest possible established range of ratings, was actually 947, good enough for the third tier. “No, I don’t agree. He missed a free piece.”

Clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/SplendidGoodHornetGrammarKing-tVadMXlgyevzjbPk?tt_content=url&tt_medium=clips_api

He moved on to the next game, but chat picked up on the irony immediately away and blasted him for his error. Lengyel took a time to comprehend what was going on, then he flipped out in reaction.

“It was me?” he asked before screaming and clicking the linked match to verify what his community already knew was true.

It appears that no matter what xQc accomplishes in the game of chess, he can’t escape being memed by his own community.

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