Ex Overwatch professional ‘xQc’ is mesmerized with Riot games’ new Tactical Shooter Valorant He explains how the new shooter requires a higher level of skills than his previous mainstream game.

Valorant is said to be the next biggest E-sports tactical shooter game, it is already receiving
a lot of love from pros and FPS game community, streamers and many others despite being
in closed beta phase.


The game is unique in its own way and many players are enjoying the game because of how
it has changed the way we used to play any tactical shooters, now there are three bombsites
instead of two, there is no mid-area in maps, you can clear a bombsite without being there

All of these things combined made this game super fun and that doesn’t mean that aiming doesn’t play any role in the game.

According to Felix, the game is much more ‘hardcore’ than Overwatch.

xQc talks about Valorant being hardcore

“It’s super hardcore,” xQc says. “You have to take the time to learn all the very basic, hardcore concepts of [Counter-Strike]. And if you don’t master one of them, you get completely crushed.”

He compares the game with CSGO because Counter-Strike is the benchmark of any Tactical FPS game, CS has inspired many games since its release.

Moving on, he then discusses how Valorant requires players to give 100% than its rival Overwatch.

“In Overwatch, you can do well without mastering all the basics, like movement, peeking, pushing, weapon swapping,” xQc said. “You can disregard most things in Overwatch and still do extremely well and be a top player; in this game you cannot.”

“you will fail 100%” if you can’t demonstrate proper mechanics and understanding of FPS games and how to properly play as a team in Valorant when hitting a site”.

Well according to him, having a good aim alone wouldn’t help you, you also need to master
each Agent’s abilities.

And this was very much of deal we saw during Valorant developers vs FPS pro match.

In the match, the streamers team was full of some extraordinary aimers like, Shroud, Flom etc.

But they were destroyed on every map by developers who knew how every Agent’s abilities
and synergies works and they had slight a good aim.

In the match, Shroud was astonished how Valorant requires you to learn everything from the
game from scratch and according to him the game have a bright future ahead.

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