Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel explains why he thinks League of Legends has “the most piece of sh*t community on Earth”.

xQc is an ex-Overwatch professional player and he is very popular for his rants.

He always shares his opinion whether it is good or bad without any hesitation.

And these things have made him one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.

In past xQc has lost it on many big streamers and now he has lost it on one of the biggest e-sports community in the world.

xQc rants about League of Legends


He was playing League of Legends from a couple of weeks back but the game hasn’t been that good for him.

In a very intense match, xQc lost his calm and shared his opinion in the same way he is popular for.

“I think Riot Games, and I’m not kidding, because of Riot Lyte, has bred the most piece of sh*t community on Earth by accident,” he said – an incredibly bold statement to make and a direct comment on Riot and former Lead Designer of Social Systems, Jeffrey ‘Lyte’ Lin.

He continued, “They labelled everything as toxic and literally deformed the word, deluding their player base into thinking anything is toxic. Someone says “outplayed” and you think that’s toxic? That’s not how that works!”

After this whole heated conversation, he then clarified his statement by saying.

He “likes Riot Games,” but believes that “Riot Lyte has permanently endangered the player base.”

Well, xQc didn’t seem to fully conclude why he believes this lack of clarity over what is and isn’t “toxic” is “endangering” the player base or makes it a “piece of sh*t community,” he clearly believes Riot and League of Legends culture has been affected by Lyte in the long-term, despite his leaving the company in May 2016. – Dexerto

Having issues are common in every community whether it be League of Legends or CSGO or whatever game.

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