Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is a popular Twitch Streamer – mainly because of his rants, recently he responded on Fortnite Teammate’s question about if he has “Tourettes”.

xQc is an ex-Overwatch Professional Player, a successful Twitch Streamer, also known for his rants in Twitch Community.


xQc responding to his “Tourettes” comment

One of his recent rants started when one of his Fortnite teammates asked him if he has “Tourettes“, and unluckily xQc wasn’t in the mood of taking any of it.

So, he jumped right on his teammate’s comment and went into his classic rant mode.

“Dude, dude. Who the f**k is he, 12-year-old little b***h. Holy sh*t, holy f**k! I ought to whoop your a**. If I said that sh*t at your age I would’ve had my skull kicked in. You said do you have Tourette’s and then you laugh? What are you, nine?”

The Candian streamer didn’t showed any kind of mercy on his teammate, he didn’t stop until he fully destroyed the other guy, he also told his teammate that he shouldn’t have a computer, then he ended the rant wishing his teammate good luck.

then, when he turned back chatting his viewers some guys mentioned that he has gone little too far.

On which xQc said: “That was not too far, he made fun of my speech impediment – that’s a no-no. Then he went on to insult me and I can’t defend myself because I’m older? F**k off!”

but, most of his Twitch chat loved the moment, exactly for what the ex-Overwatch professional is famous for in the community.

Well, In my opinion, xQc was right to teach that guy a lesson and the way out streamer taught him, the guy will not forget this rant in his whole life and will think 10 times before making any comment.

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