Twitch star xQc revealed he has shut down an “astronomical” $1.2 million NFT sponsorship offer, describing it as a ‘scummy’ thing, and also says that it was “fun to tell them no.”

xQc is clearly not a fan of NFTs and does not support such practices, he believes that they are “sh*t f**king product”.

He even mocked eSports organizations that use NFT to benefit from their fans.

However, he recently revealed that he stands for what he says as he has turned down a $1.2 million NFT sponsorship offer. He shared all the information regarding this offer on his stream which also includes why he rejected it.


“Today, I received an absolutely insane NFT sponsor offer,” said xQc. “The amount was astronomical.”

And as we now clearly know that xQc is not really into NFT: “It was even more fun to tell them no.” says the streamer.

“It was an overlay, a shoutout, visits for five minutes, and three tweets for 1.2 million dollars,” he explained, describing the offer. “That’s a f**king racket if I’ve ever seen one. No thank you, sir.”

He then also reveals that this was not the first NFT offer that he received: “You’d be surprised. There’s a bunch of them that do that. It’s just how NFTs are….they’re just scum.”

xQc is not the only streamer who is not very fond of these NFT. Asmongold considers them to be “stupider than astrology.”

 Hasan and Pokimane share the sentiment too, although their criticism is aimed at those who promote them.

So now we know that xQc is really not into any of these NFT and might not ever be in the future too.

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