In his recent stream xQc pulls ultra-rare Dark Charizard Pokemon card worth around $6,000 – he gets insanely lucky after spending $17k on Pokemon trading card packs.

Twitch Pokemon week is about to start and many streamers are rushing to unbox trading cards in case
they get super lucky and unboxes a rare pokemon card.

The value of cards depends on the rarity of the cards, the value of good-condition cards has grown
exponentially over the last decade. One YouTuber even bought a $200k car by seeling his pokemon trading cards collection.

xQc is the newest streamer to join the unboxing series – he started unboxing for the same reason as of
others but we must say that he is quiet a lucky person.


xQc pulls ultra-rare Dark Charizard Pokemon card

Just like any other streamer at the beginning, he started with some disappointing cards but his luck
was not late at all after unboxing couple of cards he was soon hit with a bombshell Dark Charizard Holo pickup.

He could barely control his emotions after pulling it out, which is no wonder when considering the card is worth around $6,000.

Redditor u/remany posted a price list of the top tier cards xQc pulled out. Apart from the Dark Charizard Holo, he also collected Dark Holo versions of Dragonite, Blastoise, Raichu and Alakazam. The total value
of the cards? A staggering $27,000.

But we should also consider this that xQc did pay $17k just to get hold of the box, on the off-chance it
would contain some valuable cards. But the risk has paid off, as he should easily make a £10k
profit – provided he can find buyers, of course.

However this card is not even close to the top tier card value back in October rapper Logic bought a
1st Edition Charizard for $226k – almost 38 times the value of xQc’s best pull.

The week has not even started yet and xQc is here with an ultra-rare pokemon card – it will be fun to see him unboxing more in the upcoming week.

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