Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has again broke the internet by overreacting to ‘Pokelawls’ not following the simple rules of the game “Guess Who.”

Guess Who is a game where players ask questions in the sense of yes-no to figure out what character someone has on their mind.

In order to win the game, you need to figure out your opponent’s character before he finds out yours.


The Twitch Edition of Guess Who on Tabletop simulator has some of the big streamers on the list like xQc, Dr Disrespect and Pokelawls.

Instead of going for a yes-no question Pokelawls took a bit further and stretched on one question and xQc was not having any of it.

Rather than yes-no answer questions, he asked some unclear questions and gave answers with no real indication – in xQc’s opinion.

xQc had the character of Team SoloMid star Dyrus in his mind, while Pokelawls was trying his best to misguide xQc from guessing his character (Sodapoppin).

Pokelawls won the game by guessing the character first while xQc was nowhere near Sodapoppin.

xQc angry on Pokelawls

“Did you fall on your f**king head,” he asked Pokelawls, leaving his opponent semi-confused. xQc reiterated his point, expanding on one particular question. “I said, ‘does your character sometimes wear cleavage, and you said yes.”

Pokelawls retorted by saying “I said ‘one time he did’,” but xQc cut in again to lay down the letter of the law. “It’s a yes-no game,” he screamed. “It’s a yes-no game! F**k, that’s the whole point of the game.”


“How would a man wear cleavage? It would be a one-time thing, and I said ‘one time he did,’” he said.

xQc was angry over his loss and also shocked and he tried to show his anger by flipping the tables.

“I’ve been playing by deduction, I didn’t play ‘smart,’ I played with the rules. It’s a f**king yes-no game,” he yelled. “‘Does your character sometimes wear cleavage?’ Sometimes? You said yes. One-time out of five years is not yes.”

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