xQc only plays Rust for the viewers?. Twitch star hit backs at claims from critics that he is done playing Rust on channel and he did it only for a boost in viewers.

Rust has been trending on Twitch for last couple of weeks with multiple streamers dropping in
either roleplaying or PVP’ing in Rust. The 2013 launched came saw a huge bounce in viewership
thanks to the OfflineTV servers.

Twitch Streamer xQc and shroud were two names along with others on the list of top charts
for the game very often. xQc mainly plays the Facepunch Studios title.

However, during his January 15 stream, the Luminosity Gaming streamer decided against playing Rust for the first time in a few days, leading some frustrating questions from fans like does his Rust phase on Twitch had come to an end.

After this accusation, he later discussed that xQc  is a variety streamer and can play whatever he wants.

“Rust hype is over? Nah, I’m just chilling dude,” xQc responded after a few messages joked about him coming to the end with the multiplayer survival game.

He kicked things up a notch though a few moments later, pointing out that he was playing Rust before the game exploded on Twitch. “I played Rust, literally, like three days before the Rust phase even begun. I talked about making a server before any of this even happened,” xQc added.

“People said, oh you’re playing Rust for the viewers, and even when there was less before, I still played it, so then what? What’s your argument?”

His viewers did not get the response like they wanted – xQc raging for claims people made that xQc only plays Rust for the viewers instead he ended it in a very chill way by playing Balloons Tower Defense.

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