xQc leaked his private information, particularly his IP address during his last Twitch Broadcast and had to end stream in a hurry.

xQc’s security issues have been increasing along with his popularity on Twitch.

However, his security issues are not limited to only the online attacks instead many fans have been invading his IRL space too.

In terms of dealing with online attacks, he has been a constant target for stream snipers trying to ruin his games, but he has to also deal with fans getting a hold of his IP address.

The latter has happened on a few occasions and has prevented him from streaming at times as his internet service has been bombarded by DDoS attacks. While some tech-savvy viewers have jumped through serious hoops to get his IP address in the past, he’s also given it away by mistake too.

And the same tech blunder happened again with xQc as he leaked his IP address while broadcasting to almost 100,000 viewers which ended up with him shutting down his Livestream.

This time around, xQc was trying to access a gambling website to play some slots, but was met by a connection issue that prevented him from doing so. As the classic ‘Error 502: Bad gateway’ message appeared on-screen, so did his IP address, and Lengyel shut down his stream as a result.

“Stream offline for the day, leaked IP address by accident, you know the rest of the story,” xQc tweeted after going offline. “Gotta restart stuff and do a couple of homework anyways. I’ll be up and live early tomorrow. Thanks for hanging out.”

However, this is nothing new for xQc as he has revealed his IP address many times before.

Although this can be resolved pretty easily but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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