Twitch favorite star xQc is planning to launch his very own podcast along with daily streams and he also teases the idea of who might be the first guest on his podcast.

Podcasts are taking a huge spike among content creators and streamers, everyone is either already having a podcast show or is planning to make a mini chit-chat show and invite their friends for a little chat.

And there can be big money in these projects – Spotify swiped Joe Rogan’s podcast from YouTube in a $200 million deal, and KSI revealed he had turned down a $10m offer to start his podcast.

xQc is one of the newest to tease this idea of having his very own podcast and this might all never come true but yeah he is definitely planning something.

Part of xQc’s desire to get Forsen as a guest on his future, non-existent podcast, is because the Swede is somewhat of an enigma.

xQc is a very simple man, not engaging with the community a lot, plays a lot of various games, and does not have a very fancy streaming setup keeping everything simple and sleek.

xQc even asked his chat, “people who watch Forsen, why doesn’t he want to be around other people these days?”

However, some chatters did point out that Forsen did in fact do his first interview in seven years back in June, with gaming-focused supplement brand MADMONQ.

And speaking of an interview with xQc on his podcast will definitely be something that his fans would love to watch.

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