Twitch star xQc is forced to relocate again as he mentions his latest time in Los Angeles as a “disaster” amidst a string of technical issues.

Recently, xQc has been awarded as the top streamer of 2021 by a good margin, and he has just moved to Los Angeles in October 2021.

After multiple dangerous events with stalkers, Twitch star was looking to the City of Angels as a medium to move out of his comfort zone.

He also mentioned some big projects like a studio-based production in the city.

However, after just a couple of weeks in the new city, xQc is forced to relocate again as he states that the LA lifestyle is not working out for him and that he has reached his maximum limit.

Well, his fans also know that things were not working out since the very beginning as his first-ever stream from LA ended abruptly.


Similar issues have persisted ever since, he confirmed on January 6. “Internet, overall infrastructure, and living in LA has been a little bit of a disaster,” xQc explained in light of another stream cut short earlier that day.

“I don’t mind issues and overcoming them, but there comes a time where I snap. We’re at that point.”

And currently, he is on his way back home once again. While there has been no clear words/duration as to how long he may be offline, he assured: “big juice normal streams” will be returning “ASAP.”

However, one thing is for sure that his fans are here to back him up and join him onstream no matter where he is streaming from.