xQc gets trolled by his fans, Twitch users are ordering pizza and signing him up to all kinds of services, including job finders using his e-mail id.


  • xQc Official E-mail Id is being used by his Fans for Ordering Pizza.
  • He calls them out in the most funny way.
  • One of the e-mail reads, “We’ve heard you need help with your STDs.”

xQc is one of the famous personalities of the Internet, most of his viral videos are rant over
something – in-game scenarios or bugs. However, his recent rant is regarding the leak of
his personal e-mail id.

Apparently, some of his Twitch fans are using his personal e-mail id to subscribe him for all
kind of things in the world. Although, it is a pretty serious matter of exploiting someone’s
privacy the way he called them out was hilarious.


“Somebody made an account with my email at Dominos,” he said. “He’s ordering pizzas to his own house with his own credit card. I can see the whole thing.” It is very childish thing to do, However it is not the most annoying that they are doing using his e-mail id.

“The next day… I’m subscribed to Job Finding with the name Big Schnoze,” he added. “Every [now and then] I get an email that says oh, hello… we found jobs in your area [at places like] Amazon.”

Is it all?, No – they made inquiries with sexual health practices using the fake name, too. “Oh, hello Massive Schnozer,” he said, narrating the email. “We’ve heard you need help with your STDs or whatever. Dude, what the f**k is that?”

xQc was obviously frustrated after getting trolled by his fans, however his expressions or
way delivering were more like as if he was doing stand up comedy.

Anyhow, no matter how funny it sounds, but no one should disrespect someone’s privacy
and we hope his fans understands that too and does not use his e-mail id for anymore subscriptions.

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