Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is banned on Twitch due to an “NPC” character in-game showed a bit much of herself.

This happened during his February 29 broadcast when he was playing Connect Four with a scantily clad female character.

After winning the game xQc was asked to remove the bra of the female character.

Which he obviously selected yes, then cut to the character being fully naked.

And just like any other streamer, Felix first reaction was to move away from the game screen.

But it was a bit late.


xQc banned on Twitch

On March 1, 2020, he tweeted that his channel is banned, and there is no exact reason for this ban, but his latest stream can be the reason.

His viewers also suggested that during his stream he used some “cheat codes” to bypass the game’s blurred nudity.

Twitch’s guidelines state that “nudity and sexually explicit content or activities” are prohibited on their platform, although they do make exceptions depending on the context of the situation, as in “educational contexts or for pre-approved licensed content.”


Apparently, banning just his Twitch account wasn’t enough I guess, so his discord server was also banned.

The Tweets from all across the twitter suggested that his discord server his also banned.

Well, there is no confirmation on his discord server being banned.


xQc is not banned on the Twitch for the first time, he was once already banned back in July 2019 when he watched a YouTube video showing adult content.

In contrast to which he was banned for a good three days.

But there is no confirmation about how long will his latest ban will last.

Some news also suggests that his channel is back online but things are yet to be verified.

In case we get any further news on this we will keep you updated.

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