xQc banned on Twitch again after showing explicit content on the live broadcast, leading it to be his third ban since 2014.

xQc is one of the biggest Twitch streamers with millions of followers and fans
joining his stream everyday for some fun.

One of the main reasons for his success is him messing with Twitch rules and community guidelines and fellow streamers.

Well, this time Twitch was not taking any of that and on June 11 xQc faces the ban
for showing inappropriate content on Livestream.


Why was xQc banned on Twitch again?

xQc reveals the possible reason for his ban on Twitter, he says the reason for this ban is “a gorilla supposedly f***ing another for about a second by accident,” he said on Twitter.

“Banned for 24 hours. A little confused, considering the nature of the video, length, and in reality, if it’s an actual concern or if there’s actually any damage done. No one thought anything of it, it was even in a meme format.”

Twitch’s Community Guidelines state that “explicit content or activities” are banned on the platform. And this very much seems like that.

However, there are many rumours that the cause for this takedown can
be DMCA.

But a fellow Twitch streamer ‘Adept’ clarified xQc wasn’t banned over a DMCA takedown at the end of her stream, She didn’t say much but it was enough to clear some rumours.

“We don’t wanna get DMCA’d, which, by the way, is not why xQc got banned, but keep talking like you know what’s going on,” she said at the end of her stream.

In the last couple of weeks, players have been getting mass number of
DMCA takedown requests The platform said the June 7 affair was “the
first time [it has] received mass DMCA claims against clips.”

However, xQc will be unbanned on late June 12 so he will be back live
from 13 or 14 June most probably.

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