xQc banned on NoPixel GTA RP again after exploiting one glitch to smuggle a gun into the police station and open fire on several officers.


  • xQc has been banned from NoPixel’s GTA RP server after a lot of complaints from players.
  • After getting banned he released an apology statement saying “What I did was terrible”.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is mostly known on the platform for his rants and exploiting glitches
the same happened with NoPixel’s GTA RP server – he has been exploiting glitches on the
server for quite a long time but nothing serious until he used a new glitch to smuggle a pistol
inside police station and open fired on several police officers.


Luckily, MOONMOON who often plays the role of Police officer on the server was present
at that moment and he did not hesitate to call him “egotistical” and demanded an apology.

Later, the GTA RP community demanded a ban for xQc and their wish has been fulfilled,
Felix has been temporarily banned from the server.

At first, xQc was trying to avoid and address this issue on his stream but later he found
himself stuck and admitted that what he did was wrong.

“What I did… is terrible, and it’s actual trash. I should be banned for it, and I have been banned for it,” he said.

However, he did not stop there and claimed that “trashy” police was frustrated and
targeted him because he escaped and accussed them of break the laws too.

“I shouldn’t have done it, and I would be one of the first people to get really mad,” he said. “But make no mistakes. I did it. I was a little bit past my point of no return.”

xQc has also apologized to all the GTA RP players and administrators who have been
affected by this incident. He has also admitted to using stream-sniping, met-gaming.
However, he claims it to be ‘retaliation.

“I’m genuinely sorry. I clearly wasn’t thinking about collateral. I wasn’t even thinking about what I was doing in the first place.”

This incident [ xQc banned on NoPixel GTA RP ] is still a hot topic, many players
have mixed views on his apology some believes that it is a great move to come forward
and accept your mistake while some still believe that he has not taken full responsibility for the incident.

Well, whether he adds more to his apology statement or not relies all on him now, we can only wait until any further information comes up from him or the administrators.

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