Two of Twitch’s popular streamers xQc and Tfue mocked Ninja for bragging about “he can buy a bank” during his recent controversy with Tfue.

Tfue and Ninja’s controversies and rivalry are from the days when they both used to compete
against each other, the only thing that has changed is back then it was just competitive
rivalry but over the course of years it has turned more personal, where Tfue claims that Ninja
has always hated him and Ninja has also fired back at him time to time but most recently his
Wife “Jess” stepped in his defence and made some statements against “Tfue”.

Jess claims that Tfue is “desperate” for money after he accidentally leaked Mr. Beast’s phone number.

Tfue and xQc mock Ninja for Bragging

Tfue and xQc started making fun of Ninja bragging about his money during May 8 broadcast
when both the twitch stars were playing a game of Fortnite together, and xQc started poking
Tfue with his “desperate” money jokes and starts offering him some Twitch subs.

After that, they went on to mock Ninja’s wife statement of him buying the bank. Tfue says, “You can be a p**sy but like, you know, as long as you got money, you’re cool, that’s how it works right?”

After that xQc threw more of his “buying a bank” jokes, then Tfue ended it up with his own
version saying, “That’s what I’m scared about, I’m scared of somebody that has like hella
money to buy my bank and foreclose [my house]” he added. “That s**t would suck, especially
as like I’ve been f**king hella desperate for money, so like that s**t wouldn’t take down that
rich of a man, you know.”

After that Tfue says that if he ever gets “rich” he won’t foreclose xQc’s house.

On this statement Ninja was quiet open he said he was only joking about “buying the bank”, But the audience didn’ took it jokingly.

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