xQc and Pokelawls Rust drama get even worse on the Offline TV Rust server, they have been exchanging words from past several days.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Pokelawls are having a Rust drama over Offline TV Rust server and it has
been going on from past several days which started after a series of raids and team fights between them.

Both the streamers are exchanging hot words including one another female streamer by the name
Gigi, who happens to be Pokelawls girlfriend.

However their recent exchange of words was a real mess when all three of them took it to the
global chat and things went really personal.


“You were waiting outside our base. What are you on about “trash fights,” lol?” she replies to one
of the previous comments made by xQc after a scuffle broke out between the players. 

“Gigi back at it with the out of nowhere talk,” replied xQc, fervently mashing his keyboard.
“Again, be quiet.” It seems like she’d been pretty vocal towards him in the past few days, and he
wasn’t in the mood to tolerate it this time.

“xQc, you’re cringe, shut up,” said Pokelawls, stepping in to defend his girlfriend. “Be nice to Gigi.”
The global chat slowly descended into chaos, with comments from other streamers on both sides of the fence.

“Hey dude, are you f**king kidding me, dude?” said a frustrated xQc to his fans on stream. “Guys, again. Again with this sh**. It’s the third time in a row, dude!”

This was not the end, the xQc and Pokelawls Rust drama got really personal the following day again,
with xQc making a comment on Pokelawls, “Poke, can you please GTFO to the role-playing server,” said xQc. “You’re invited there, go farm there.”

“Nah, shut up,” replied Pokelawls. “You aren’t invited there, though? You’re so toxic, dude.”

“Stop being insecure about the results you get there and coming here to unleash on us,” said xQc. “It’s getting repetitive.”

“You’ve become the biggest a**hole on this game, dude,” said Pokelawls. “It’s so weird. You’re mean to your own friends WeirdChamp. This game has made you the biggest a**hole.”

“So, you’re allowed to talk sh** and say whatever you want, but if I clap back, I’m weird?” said xQc. Then, to his fans, he said, “Guys, why is he antagonizing me and then acting like I’m in the wrong after that? That’s just weird.”

Meanwhile, Pokelawls replied, “you’re a baby. You’re actually a man-baby with that attitude, mate.” some streamers tried to cool the situation, while others added hilarious neutral remarks.

This was not something Offline TV Rust server audience was expecting – well it can be frustrating
sometimes even with all the Rules and Regulations in position.

And just like any other drama audience share there are also a good amount of people on both side
supporting their streamer while there are some people in neutral zone advising that there is no
space for such toxicity in public eye.

However, we will update you with any further addition to the drama till then connect with us on Twitter.

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