One Redditor has revealed a new Bizzare Warzone Wallhack glitch which is marking out players in red after returning from the Gulag.

Warzone has been touched by numerous strange bugs and glitches like the
invisibility glitch, multiple return of stim glitch, wall breaches, ‘demon guns’
and many more.

The game is full of surprising bugs and if you guys have been playing this
game from the very beginning then, you must remember a bug where you
can ping a player inside the lobby and it will last till the end of the match.

Now there is a new strange Warzone glitch which is marking out players
in red and letting other players see them through walls and everything.


Warzone Wallhack Glitch

The glitch has been revealed by a Redditor donats91 – he posted a video of
him performing the glitch.

The opponent was lit up in bright red only for donats, with his teammates confirming there was nothing strange about the enemy player.

Donats himself was in a state of shock and could not understand what
is going on. They did kill him in the end, but it wasn’t without some
empathy from the prevailing squad.

How is this Glitch Triggered

In the comment section Donats himself explained the possible cause of this strange glitch.

He said: “Basically my friend had a Most Wanted and I was ready to face a guy in the gulag. He won right as me and the guy were about to start moving. That red outline that you get on your opponent at the beginning of the gulag will stay on that player (since he’s released also) until he dies.”

Well it seems like the glitch is not easy to replicated but the developers
should address this bug and try to release a fix as soon as possible.

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