Why xQc does not play Overwatch anymore? If you are a follower of ex Overwatch professional you might be knowing that he does not streams Overwatch more often as they used to.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel used to stream hours and hours of Overwatch and fans would come
pouring in massive numbers, He used to create highlights which often turned into memes
multiple times, rage moments and many other things.

However, suddenly he has stopped streaming the game – he does streams but not that often
that he used to, this has lead to multiple speculations between fans – some believe he is not
enjoying the game anymore and surprisingly they are pretty much right to some extent.


During his recent Livestream, a fan from Twitch asked him this question(Why xQc does not play Overwatch anymore) directly – in response to that, he stopped for a bit and then explained all the possible reasons why he is not streaming the game anymore.

“The problem that I have with the game is that it’s almost like… when I stream the game, the stream becomes like a market place for attention,” he said. “Every game… people come in on my team, and everybody just fishes for attention. On my team and the enemy team.”

“I can’t play even the game properly,” he added. “It’s just not fun. Like, I can’t play the actual game. It’s not competitive. Why bother playing a competitive game all-in when it’s just not competitive?”

So as many speculated, it is true he does not enjoys playing the game anymore and moreover, he
also made a serious claim that the game is not “competitive”.

Well, he does have his strong reasons – it is stream snipers, people often stream snipes him in
Overwatch and in any other game he plays and it does makes the game frustrating and boring.

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