Twitch female star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has revealed her opinion on why joining an esports org will be bad for her brand and why she wont be joining any.

Pokimane is no stranger when it comes to the streaming world, with a whopping 7.7 million follower base on Twitch she is definitely ruling the platform.

However, there is one question that everybody in the community is asking – “why Pokimane is not joining any esports org?.” Answering this question in a YouTube video she expressed how signing with an org will be bad for her.


Why Pokimane does not sign up for esports org?

In a YouTube video posted on her channel on April 28, the Morocco-Canadian streamer expressed her views on joining an esports org after being asked by a fan about her future plans.

“No. For years and years I have been offered plenty of times. Plenty of teams. But I’m on OTV. And you know, we created OfflineTV and I feel like if I joined a team, it kind of diluted my brand and it diluted the OTV brand,” the young streamer explained.

Moving on she says that joining an esports org will have a lot of legal duties: That’s a lot of deliverables. I would feel like I’m spreading myself too thin, you know? I’d rather if I’m gonna devote myself to something, do it one-hundred percent. Whereas if I’m a little OTV, a little bit whatever org, it’s like you’re not fully anything.”

Answering an another question she then reveals the plan of expansion for Offline Tv and how it would be beneficial for both the brand and herself.

“It is something we have considered. OTV branches in regions. OTV Texas, OTV Canada. Could be interesting. But what is the structure? What is the benefit, what is the liability?” she said. Pokimane also cleared out that OfflineTV is “not just an org” and that people associate the brand with members such as herself, Michael Reeves, and Disguised Toast.

She then says that if something bad happens to any of the branch division then all the responsibility would come back on the founding members of the brand.

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