Why Pokimane doesn’t use VTuber model: This can be one of the most asked questions in her list, well the reason is not the criticism instead it is something else, keep on reading to know the real reason.

VTubers allow streamers and content creators to show a virtual representation of themselves
without specifically revealing their face it is more like a live portrait version of the streamer
and they have a huge trend in the community.

And the big streamers are not untouched by these Vtubers, looking at its popularity one of
the biggest streamer Pokimane also posted a clip of her new model on Twitter and VTuber
community lashed out about it.

She started using this live portrait version during her September streams when she was
streaming without camera, but critics were quick to respond with one fan claiming that
she is just attempting to cash in on a trend. She responded to critics at the time on Twitter,
saying “I don’t want to encroach on the VTuber community” and adding that she hopes “to partake in a respectful manner.”

And since then she has not been using her Vtuber model much and strangely critics are not
reason for sudden change of plan but instead it is something else which she revealed during
a Collab video with one of the popular VTuber CodeMiko.


Why Pokimane doesn’t use VTuber model anymore?

Section starts at 7:44

Codemiko asked Pokimane about her own use of animation and whether she would be doing any more VTubing in the future. She responded by saying yes, but that “it was most useful during a month where I was streaming a ton and sometimes I just didn’t feel like having a camera or whatever.”

She then explained that she now does it less because “It’s also so annoying to have people ask ‘Where’s the camera? Where’s the camera?’…shut up 12-year-old Billy from Massachusetts!”

She went on to say how much she loves the style of streaming, adding, “One of the big reasons why I got into VTubing is because of what you’re doing now, it just seems like the future it’s just so, this is so f***ing cool, you are the future.”

So what it looks like from her statement is that she is really open for using Vtubers on her stream
but she can’t do that because it frustrates her viewers.

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