TikTok Tray Soe is trending because of faking accent online and here is everything we know so far about the incident.

It is not surprising to learn that many people in modern society speak with an accent depending on their origins given the diversity of people and civilizations that have coexisted there.

It is not advisable to fake an accent, though, as this can be interpreted as rude and offensive. Celebrities have been called out for exactly this kind of behaviour in the past.

One TikToker is already in deep water after fans pointed out her false accent and provided an old video as evidence.

Why is Tray Soe Trending Online?

Tray Soe, who goes by ‘tray.fitfeve‘ on TikTok, took to the social media platform to defend how she speaks, stating, “Yes I have an accent because I ain’t from here. I was born in Thailand and I grew up in Georgia for a decade and then I f****** moved to Nebraska… how the hell ya’ll going to tell me what I’m supposed to sound like?”

Nonetheless, viewers were not convinced and instead uncovered an old YouTube video of Tray in which her accent was noticeably different.

Phi, a TikToker who goes by the online handle “klobee,” also replied to Tray’s video with a stich in which he said that, having fled Thailand for America as a refugee at the age of three, he had a similar background to hers before growing up “in the hood.”

“So if anybody out there has a claim to the throne of fake accents, it’s me,” Phi said, explaining an accent comes from being surrounded predominantly by people who speak the same way. “I don’t really see any other way to develop a genuine accent outside those reasons.”

Phi went on to claim that he and Tray shared a similar social circle; “And the community is saying — as we all know by now — that you don’t talk like that for real and I don’t know with you’re on this app trying to convince millions of people on the internet that you do talk like that.”

“I’m not really seeing what the end goal is,” Phi continued. “There’s nothing wrong with being yourself… in fact, your immigrant accent is actually pretty cool.”

Viewers agreed with Phi’s take, with many labeling Tray’s accent as the “Awkwafina effect”. One person said, “The gag is they think we can’t tell the difference…”