Why is PUBG PC lite better than PUBG Mobile (Emulator)?


Why is PUBG PC lite better than PUBG Mobile (Emulator)?

PUBG Mobile is being played by two types of players one who plays it on the Mobile devices and others who are playing it on PC using Tencent gaming buddy emulator. Which makes this game a lot easier for them as PUBG has made some adjustments in the game according to mobile devices so it could be easy for them to play but they haven’t made any alteration for those who are playing it on the emulator and it turns out to be an advantage for them.

We have listed top 5 reasons why PUBG PC lite is better than PUBG mobile emulator.

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  1. BOTS

All of you who have played PUBG Mobile must be familiar with bots and for those who haven’t tried PUBG mobile don’t worry we got you basically when there is lack of players in the lobby the game automatically add bots to the game they are easy to kill and spawn anywhere with any type of loot sometimes they got all that you need and sometimes just an Uzi.

But, PUBG PC lite won’t feature any bots there will be only legit players.

  • Footprints
Pubg mobile emulator vs pubg lite

In PUBG mobile game shows the footprints of vehicles, players and gunshot around you on the map and this also applies in the PUBG Mobile Emulator and help you spotting enemies easily but it will not be featured in PUBG PC lite so you better grab that headphone you kept aside while playing and try focusing on sounds around you.

  • Recoil

The gun recoil control in PUBG Mobile is not that hard but PUBG PC Gun recoil is much harder than this and now you have to learn the patterns of the bullet spread.

  • Graphics

Graphics of PUBG mobile is a little bit cartoonish because it is designed to run on mobile devices with low-end graphics but PUBG Pc runs on high-end graphics now you can play it on 720p or 1080p.

  • Houses

The Houses interior in PUBG PC LITE is a lot more different and realistic than PUBG mobile and every detail in the interior is very neatly designed.

So these were the top 5 differences between PUBG PC LITE and PUBG MOBILE EMULATOR

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