TikTok content creator KimchiPrincesa is quitting OnlyFans after one year of creating content for the site.

Over the last few years, more and more people are turning to content creation as their full-time job, whether it’s on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or other platforms.

This shift in career choice can be attributed to the increasing popularity and accessibility of these platforms, as well as the potential for substantial earnings.

With the rise of social media influencers and online celebrities, content creation has become a viable and lucrative profession for many individuals.

As traditional job markets become more competitive and unpredictable, people are seeking alternative ways to earn a living, and content creation offers a promising avenue for financial stability and creative expression.

And OnlyFans is one of the websites where you can earn a lot of money while creating content.

TikToker KimchiPrincesa turned to OnlyFans in 2022 and has also been documenting her everyday life as a sex worker on her TikTok.

According to an Insider, the creator revealed in a now-deleted TikTok video on July 25 that the money was the only reason why she did it and that “it almost isn’t worth it anymore.”

She started to reveal how starting her career on OnlyFans had been a wonderful, creative outlet for her to generate material. She did, however, confess that she became “super burned out” approximately six months in and has fought with mental problems since then.

“I feel a little bit dead inside,” she said. “I feel completely desensitized, and I don’t know — not to sound funny — but I really don’t feel any type of desire or like attraction to men in general anymore.”

KimchiPrincesa is quitting OnlyFans because she is not attracted to men anymore

KimchiPrincesa stated that the “disgusting” DMs her fans gave her were the main reason she began to have contradictory thoughts about her employment, as some of the users who sent her these messages appeared to have girlfriends, wives, or families.

Later in the video, she also revealed that the money was the only upside to doing it, but that “it almost isn’t worth it anymore.”

xoxox, a fellow TikToker and OF creator, responded to the video.Jenn uploaded a video in which she stated that her work on OnlyFans had made it difficult for her to have relationships with men since her job forced her to see “their true form.”

Despite her thoughts, KimchiPrincesa revealed that she was “not a quitter” and always “sees things to the very end.”

“I won’t quit ’til I’m physically stopped,” she said.

Her OnlyFans profile was deactivated about the time she posted her video about feeling worn out. Instead, she appears to be developing content on Playboy’s rival platform.

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