A developer from the Apex Legends development team has explained why it is so hard to catch cheaters in the game.

Because Apex Legends is so competitive, many players are determined to win every game they line up for.

Many members of the community spend hours on the Firing Range honing their skills in order to increase their chances of success, but some choose to take shortcuts and employ third-party software.

These exploits grant hackers access to aimbots, which allow them to easily rack up kills and wipe out whole squads. While the automatic system catches many of these cheaters, some slip through the cracks and escape penalty.

Well, a developer from the Apex Legends development team has come forward to explain why is it so hard to catch cheaters in the game.

Apex Legends developer explains how cheaters are getting smart


On February 21, Respawn Security Analyst Conor ‘Hideouts’ Ford answered a player’s question concerning Apex’s anti-cheat system and why certain hackers may play for long periods of time without being discovered on Twitter.

The dev revealed that “aimbots can adjust to only hit a handful [of shots] then miss… or only hit body shots”, making them appear like a normal competitor and therefore, dodging the automated anti-cheat.

Curiously, Hideouts says that “wallhacks and UAV” cheats are frequently more challenging to recognize than aimbots. This is likely due to the fact that these cheaters receive fewer reports because they are less visible to spot from a spectate screen.

Ultimately, Respawn’s war on cheaters is an “ongoing battle,” with both sides attempting to keep one step ahead.

While the community has been skeptical of Apex’s automated detection, Hideouts stated that “tens of thousands of bad actors” are removed on a weekly basis.

Hence, it’s evident that the anti-cheat system is dealing with the vast majority of hackers; it’s only extremely advanced software that can circumvent the current system.

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