Why is Apex Legends Freezing on PS4, PC, Xbox?


Why is Apex Legends Freezing on PS4, PC, Xbox?

The recent updates on Apex Legends were supposed to fix issues that are already causing problems in the game but rather than that the recent 1.08 update created many more issues on all platforms.

Update – May 8

After the update 1.08 on May 8, many players experienced the crashing of Apex Legends and Respawn Entertainment has addressed this issue and working to fix this issue as soon as possible.

The Cause for this issue is still unknown but Respawn is working hard to find the solution for this issue.

Main Story

Apex Legends was launched on Feb 4, 2019, and since then it has been grown to huge player base in a short interval of time, but as the game was growing and being popular so was the chain of bugs from player gliding all over the map to getting killed instantly and these kinds of bugs are breaking the hype of the game.

The latest issue which came under focus is from the 1.08 patch which caused freezing of Apex legends for many players making the game literally unplayable and the most of the cases were from the players playing it on PlayStation 4.

The Freeze happens right after the legends selection screen and doesn’t allow players to jump into the King’s Canyon. Many of the Apex legends community members reported their issue on the official Sub-reddit of Apex legends.

Why is Apex Legends Freezing?

The freezing of screen might be caused by some sort of coding error and this update is not the real update so it can be rollbacked and fixed easily.

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