Charli D’ Amelio is being accused of buying TikTok followers by her fans after hitting 100 million followers on TikTok.

Everything started last week when Charlie was approaching the big milestone.
But it looked like she is not going to make it, she lost almost 1 million followers
after her fans started calling her ‘ungrateful’ for being the biggest star on the platform.

This was because in a video along with James Charles and her family, she jokingly
said that she wasn’t going to hit 100 million within a year of her getting her first million,
after which James replied to her “Was 95 million not enough for you?”

After that, it went viral and she started getting a huge amount of negative comments
which then turned into a teary Instagram live where she addressed the criticism.


But Charlie’s fans were not going to stop and it was just a matter of time that
she shit 100 million followers on the platform and this was so quick that
Charli D’ Amelio is being accused of buying TikTok followers by his fans.

Many people posted videos while sliding through her followers list and noticing
that many of her new followers are just blank accounts and they do not even show
they’re following Charli when you click on who they’re following.

@kissmyasshleyyCharli getting canceled for no reason rn abt this snail stuff BUT look @ her followers & some aren’t following her. Who can explain 😳 ##fyp ##charli♬ original sound – ash

Another TikToker noticed that Charli’s follower count had unusual spikes, pointing out that “You can see that it happens every single minute at the 20-second mark…that seems suspicious doesn’t it?”

After these TikToks went viral many of her top comments are accusing her
of buying followers In a Christmas-themed video with her family posted yesterday,
one comment read “Oh look it’s an Amazon box with followers inside.”

However at the time of writing this article neither Charli nor any of her family memebers have responded to the accusations.

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