Why can’t i upgrade my PS4 game to PS5? if you are also facing the same problem and lives in UK, then there is probably nothing wrong with your game’s physical copy, here is what Ubisoft have to say about this issue.

Players in UK are facing a new issue with the physical copies of Watch Dogs Legion & Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – they are unable to upgrade the PS4 version to PS5 version but there is nothing wrong with players
game, the problem is from Ubisoft side.

PS5 was launched on November 19 and it has been only couple of weeks but players are already getting
issues with the game’s upgradation. Apparently despite being displayed free upgradation on disc cover
players are unable to upgrade the game and they have took it to Twitter and Ubisoft’s official forums.

Ubisoft has now officially addressed the issue and tweeted out that “the team is working on to fix the issue” through their official Ubisoft Support Twitter handle.


Why can’t i upgrade my PS4 game to PS5?

In the tweet Ubisoft says that they are fully aware of the issue that players in the UK region are facing
during upgradation of the game and that a whole team is working on the issue to get it fixed as soon as possible.

“We are aware players in the UK are experiencing issues upgrading physical versions of some Ubisoft games from PS4 to PS5. We’re working to resolve this, and can confirm anyone experiencing this issue will still be eligible for their free upgrade. Stay tuned for more information.” the tweet reads.

Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation on when this fix will arrive and also there is no official
statement on why players are experiencing this issue in the first place. After the UK there are many more
regions which are experiencing the same issue as Greece, Bulgaria, South Africa, and other countries.

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