A new strange bug is slowing down zombies weapons upgrade XP for Black Ops Cold War players and here is what developers have to say about this.

The bug was reported on Reddit where players were claiming that they are receiving less XP on their
zombies weapons, which later turns out is only for solo players and does not affect public lobby players.

Many players reported that their weapon level is stuck between rounds 30 and 100 while others who were
playing predominantly in co-op lobbies, reported almost no change at all.

This is the worst time for any of these kinds bug to happen as currently there is a double XP week going on
where players are grinding hard to get just enough XP to upgrade their zombies weapons in Black Ops Cold War.


Treyarch developers respond to slow upgradation of zombies weapons in BO: CW

Treyarch dev Josh ‘Foxhound’ Torres announced that their team is aware of the issue with limited XP growth, responding to the lengthy Reddit discussion with a handful of comments of his own.

“I spoke with the team, and we have identified an issue that was causing lower than intended Weapon XP in both solo Zombies matches and later Zombies rounds. We are looking to release a fix for both of these as soon as possible,” he said.

According to Torres, Treyarch would not extend the double XP weekend despite high pressure from the community instead he confirms that there will be more double XP events in the future.

He said: “I shared what the team had to share, and then I kept them updated on the community sentiment and conversations. The team investigated and found actual issues. We’ll be fixing them, and we’ll have more 2XP events in the future.”

Well, this means developers are working on the issue and players need to wait for next double XP weekend
to grind and upgrade their zombies weapons.

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