Get exclusive insights from Nadeshot about why one of the biggest content house 100 thieves is ending it.

Nadeshot reveals all the reasons why they are closing down the content house during his interview on the 100 Thieves Cast YouTube channel.

“We’re at that age man,” he said. “At the end of the day, people get older, your lives change and you can’t ever predict how you’re gonna feel one day versus the last and so for me and Hailey, I was actually sad to leave the content house but I was certainly excited for us to start our new chapter,” Nadeshot said.

While speaking about the reasons the founder of the organization explains that the members of 100 Thieves content house are at an age where they are starting new families and need their private space rather than the youth-friendly common space as the content house.

100 Thieves Content House shutting down?

“Those are the things that need to happen and you can’t hold anybody back man, everybody needs to find their own way,” Nadeshot said. “If you actually care about these people you won’t hold resentment around leaving this beautiful thing that we had.“

Nade also shares the journey and evolution of the content house over the years which led to them becoming a world-renowned brand: “The business evolved and we brought on more partners we needed to make content,“ Nade explained.

“Schedules don’t always line up and so you need to throw together a bunch of cast characters and sometimes I think people might think that fell out of place, but what’s beautiful about 100 Thieves is that everybody gets along pretty damn well.“

Nadeshot also explains how their bond has grown stronger and stronger over the years and how they are “going to be friends for the rest of our lives.“

So that is all on why 100 Thieves is ending its content house and how they will share the bond of friendship forever.

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