In this article we will be answering Who is Talia Mar? and why is she trending over the internet?. She is a female Twitch streamer and has crashed the internet with her accurate impression of Apple’s Siri assistant.

iPhone is one of the leading smartphone brands and many of us are the consumers of the same,
and each one of us has heard the default AI assistant Siri’s voice once in a lifetime.

Who is Talia Mar?

Talia Mar is one of the rising members to Twitch community, she is a variety streamer and
has been grinding on Offline TV’s Rust server and her popularity also originated from the same.

Mar is a British content creator and singer with over 800,000 subs on YouTube, about 430,000 followers on Twitch, 500,000 on Twitter and nearly 1 million followers on Instagram. Needless to say, she’s got her army of fans.

Why is she Trending?

While playing as a robot in the OTV server, Mar brought one of her secret talents in front of
those she came across in the Rust wasteland. Needless to say, her perfect rendition of Siri is a
little bit chilling.

Well, it is quiet clear that her talent is not only limited to music but she does have many other
talents to surprise her fans.

She started regularly streaming on Twitch around late 2019, and since then Mar has been quickly
raising the ranks on the platform. And now her unique talent has been a favorite among her growing community.

She will be using more of her Siri voice as her Rust roleplay character is a robot named “Siri”.

“For anyone who doesn’t know it,” she explained before giving a demonstration. “I’m in a server– the OTV Rust server, and it’s a roleplay server. And my character is Siri and I do a Siri impression. It’s not a voice changer, I just do it with my voice.”


She says that her group of streamers who have been constantly listening to the Siri’s voice are
now frustrated but they have to listen to it now because of roleplay scenarios.

“They would literally hate it,” she said on stream. “It gets really frustrating real quick, especially if you’re not in a role play situation.”

She advices them to get used to it but her fans are quiet impressed by her talent and want
to listen more of it.

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