Who is SeolAhh? and why is Twitch flooded with her clips. SeolAhh is a Twitch streamer and musician who was left speechless after a huge raid from CashApp.


  • On March 12 Twitch was flooded with multiple clips of SeolAhh and everyone is wondering who is she?
  • SeolAhh is a musician who got some limelight after CashApp raided her stream with 19,000 viewers.

Big Twitch streamers always try to help small and deserving streamers with either
massive donations or a big raid. This makes the community even stronger.

Twitch is one of the biggest streaming platforms which also means that there is a huge
competition on the platform and because of that it might take any streamer years to
build a big community. However, getting raided by other streamers is the one way to
grow fast on the platform or if they do anything viral.


On March 12, something similar happened to SeolAhh when she was raided by CashApp.
She was live singing on Twitch and incoming raid viewers left her speechless for a moment.

While she was singing CashApp appeeared out of nowhere in her chat and asked, “are you down to keep streaming and singing?”

In reply to his question, unaware of what is going to happen next she confirmed
that she will keep singing and streaming. It was at this point that CashApp replied with “Ok good to know…”

Soon after that CashApp raided her stream with 19,000 unique viewers. It was obviously
a moment of mixed emotions for the young streamer. She was excited as well as in
disbelief as if these viewers are real or if she dreaming.

“I’m just gonna sing a song and pretend you guys are not here… how do I breathe, oh my goodness, no way, ok I’m gonna sing you guys a song, I’m getting so nervous I’m shaking,” she said.

In order to calm herself down, she starts singing a song and it was so melodious that
every viewer in the chat was equally impressed by her voice and that is the reason why
she is trending right now and how she got such a big number of followers this fast.

“I hope you guys enjoy this, my name Sarah and I’m a singer and I’m gonna sing a French song, I’m not even French.”

She was totally amazed by this move of CashApp and now she have a massive 8k following on Twitch. No doubt a lot of viewers will be soon joining her stream daily.

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