Lia Marie Johnson is an Actress and internet personality who is currently twitter’s hottest topic- the question is why is she trending and why her fans across the internet are concerned about her safety?

In the late 2019 – early 2020 Lia Marie was witnessed behaving in a very distressed manner by her fans during Instagram Live sessions.

Now her name is being trended on twitter’s trending page and many of you may not know here sho here is everything you need to know about Lia Marie Johnson.

Who is Lia Marie Johnson?

Lia is a 23-years old Influencer, YouTuber and Actress.

She is known for her appearance in Television series like Kids React, Side Effects and also in YouTube red film “The Thinning 2” opposite Logan Paul.

She also owns a YouTube channel with over 1.8 million subscribers at the time of writing,

On her youtube channel, she showcases her music videos and some other uploads.

As her youtube channel growth, she also is an Influencer with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, where she showcases her lifestyle and travel moments.

All of these followings alone can speak the reason for her being in the spotlight always but this time her name is popping up in news.

Why are peoples worried about Johnson?

Everything changed when on December 24 Lia started an ‘Instagram live’ feed which lasted for two hours.

On her two hours Instagram Livestream she showed many instances of worrying behaviour and many other different emotions while she discussed her career and future.

Many said that she was on Drugs during the live broadcast (due to the bagged bottle she was seen drinking from – Dexerto” and labelled it as “disturbing”.

But Lia convinced her fans that she wasn’t on drugs.


The Instagram Live Brodcast

Main Drama arouses when on January 2,

during her other Instagram Live Stream, She appeared to be drunk or under the influence.

Also during her live stream, she can be seen kissing some man off-camera.

Who convinced her to end the live stream because he doesn’t want it to come out.

Although it was not confirmed who that man was, but many believed that he was her producer, Stephen Wetherbee.

Lia also revealed that one of her fans called police after being concerned about her situation and she was handcuffed and detained.

In November 2019, A video was leaked showcasing Lia Marie Johnson engaging into a fistfight while being naked.

That was later claimed by a twitter user that she was taking bath into someone else’s bathroom while being uninvited.

After the owner of the house asked Lia and her male friend to take leave both of them got involved in a fight with other members of the house.

For now, Lia Marie Johnson is urging fans to leave her alone – a request which is being neglected because everybody is concerned about her being in danger of being exploited by those around her.

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