Welcome to the Ultimate Guide of which is better Kar98k vs M24 in PUBG?. Both of them are bolt action sniper rifles but there Damage, Reloading Speed etc. changes everything. So here I am to tell you which is better sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile is it Kar98k or M24?

So without any further ado let’s get started.

Which is Better Kar98k vs M24?



Kar98k Weapon Stats

Recoil:30 / 100
Firing Rate:1.900s
Magazine Size: 5
Bullet Speed: 760

Best Kar98k Attachments



  • One-Shot kill in the head with tier2 helmet: The gun is capable of killing players in one-shot if it is a headshot.


  • Slow bullet speed: Bullet sped of the weapon is slow so you need to act fast.
  • Slow reload: Always Duck or Jump after first shot as slow reload can make you vulnerable. And always try to hit the first shot at Head.
  • High Bullet Drop: Kar98’s drop is much steadier(700–1000m) but it makes no sense to me like what is the chance of me getting a headshot at 700m.

Kar98k Compatible Attachments

Red Dot Sight 2X Scope 3x ScopeHolographic Sight
4x Scope 6x Scope8x Scope

Kar98k Compatible Muzzle

Compensator (SR)Flash Hider (SR)Suppressor (SR)

Kar98k Compatible Stock

Bullet Loops (SR)Cheek Pad



M24 Weapon Stats

Recoil:33 / 100
Firing Rate:1.800s
Magazine Size: 5
Bullet Speed:790

Best M24 Attachments



  • Powerful: The gun can also kill one-shot to the head if not wearing level 3 helmet but can be hard to use due to its bullet drop
  • Silenced: Extremely Silenced when used with a suppressor
  • Extra Bullets: Can use extra bullets while using an extended mag


  • Does an Animation before shooting another bullet
  • Extra Bullet drop

M24 Compatible Attachments

Red Dot SightHolographic Sight2x Scope3x Scope
4x Scope6x Scope8x Scope

M24 Compatible Muzzle

Compensator (SR)Flash Hider (SR)Suppressor (SR)

M24 Compatible Magazine

Extended Mag (SR)Quickdraw Mag (SR)Extended Quickdraw Mag (SR)

M24 Compatible Stock

Cheek Pad

Conclusion: Which is better Kar98k vs M24?

To conclude in my opinion both the weapons have almost the same stats but what matters is accuracy.

M24 has the advantage of equipping magazines that give significantly faster reloads.

Both the guns are capable of killing one-shot with LVL 2 helmet but a skilled kar98k player can easily outgun an m24 player.

I leave the decision up to you Comment down below your Winner.

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