Team Summertime and BoomTV are back with another Warzone Cracked Creator Series event here is where and how to watch this $15K warzone event.

Warzone events are returning with full force even this year. More than $45,000 has already been given away in the first couple of weeks, however, the prize stake has been raised even more to round off this month.

TST and BoomTV are once again coming together for another season of the popular Warzone Cracked Creator Series event.

All the top Warzone players are all ready to jump right into the game and make their way up to the whopping prize of $15,000

Here is Where and how to watch $15K Warzone Cracked Creator Series event


The Warzone event is all set to be streamed directly on OpTic Hitch’s channel with Team Summertime keeping on top of the action as usual.

The event is scheduled for Monday, January 24 at 12PM PT | 3PM ET. However, there is no saying on how long this event will go on.

$15K Warzone Cracked Creator: Format

The Creator events have always been different than the usual Warzone event, Unique duos of content creators and competitive players will be put together to fight others.

Instead of the usual top Warzone players competing alongside their teams, it will be a mixed-up grouping of teams.


It’s expected that we’ll see a regular 2v2 kill race format. However, there have been no words on which map will be played. Given Caldera’s numerous issues, as many pros favor Rebirth Island instead, we could see this $15K tourney take place on the smaller map.

Teams & Players

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding duos. However, it would not take long for the officials to finalize the teams and announce them publicly.

Looking at the last traces of this tournament we can expect the same eight teams format to be practiced once again.