In this short and informative article, we will reveal the trick to finding Toll House Key in Baldur’s Gate 3 game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is teeming with secrets. Players are encouraged to get off the beaten path and explore to see all the wonders that Larian Studio’s sprawling RPG has in store. We’ve seen with the likes of the Cellar quest that not everything is as it seems.

The Cellar quest starts off as a seemingly typical mission where players are tasked with investigating a mysterious cellar.

However, as they delve deeper, they soon discover a hidden underground lair filled with ancient artifacts and dangerous creatures. This unexpected twist adds an exciting layer of intrigue and keeps players on their toes, reminding them that in Baldur’s Gate 3, nothing is ever what it seems.

Now there is a new mystery that needs to unravel in the Toll House Basement, players will be visiting this area during their Hunt The Devil quest. And here is everything we know on Where to find Toll House Key in Baldur’s Gate 3 game.

Trick to find the Toll House Key in Hunt The Devil Quest

If you want to unlock the Basement of the Toll House then you will need the Toll House Key which you can find near the Risen Road part of the map

During your Hunt the Devil quest you will meet a bunch of people, including Anders whom you will meet inside the Toll House along with some other Paladins. They are looking for a Tiefling, and this will tie into your hunt for the key.


If you move a bit south of where the house is, you’ll find the Baldur’s Gate 3 Toll House key at the bottom of a cliffside. Make sure to use the highlighting function.

Now grab that key and head straight back to the Toll House Basement and explore your future quests and challenges.

So that is all on how and where to find the Key in Baldur’s Game 3.

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