Madam Nazar constantly moves across the map in Red Dead Online, so here’s where you can find her today, February 25, 2023, in RDR2 Online.

Red Dead Online is the multiplayer counterpart of Red Dead Redemption 2, and it, like the single-player experience, includes a slew of Characters who add to the world’s lore and populate the Wild West-themed terrain.

Madam Nazar is one of these NPCs, her job in the game is to provide useful information and products for sale in her shop.

You’ll need to communicate with her to continue in various daily missions because she’s a fortune teller and which makes her an important component of Red Dead Online’s tale.

The only problem here is that she constantly moves across the map on a regular basis, so this is where you can find Madam Nazar in Red Dead Online today.


Where to find Madam Nazar today? (February 25)

Madam Nazar is currently on the southwest side of the Emerald Ranch.

Continue the route in that way from the nearby rapid travel point till the big triangle-shaped “intersection”.

You’ll soon hear her renowned music and see her along the roadside beside the road.

You can see her location on the map below, courtesy of JeanRopke


Return tomorrow to see where Madam Nazar is in RDR2 Online for the remainder of 2023.

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