Where to find Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg in GTA Online: GTA online might not be the newest open-world game in the community but it does gets regular updates for their loyal fans, so here is what you need to do in this new challenge.

GTA is one of the biggest and oldest franchise in the gaming community with its latest instalment
GTA V being in the market since last 8 years and still its fan base is huge and very loyal towards the
game and GTA Online is one of the game’s feature which gets regular updates for players time to time.

In the newest GTA Online update “Cayo Perico Heist” players are spotting a new Easter egg – Loch Ness Monster, developers of the game are very fond of placing these Easter eggs in updates for players to
search in-game, in the past we have seen Easter eggs of mysterious UFOs to Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

In this update, players need to infiltrate the heavily guarded private party island of the ruthless drug lord El Rubio. The Cayo Perico Heist is one of the biggest heists till date and also features one of the coolest
Easter Eggs of the game, Here is a guide on where to find these Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg in GTA Online.


How to Find Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg

To find these ancient beast you do not need to dive in the Ocean instead a YouTube channel GTA Series Videos shows that you can find them resting on the surface of the Ocean near the coast of Cayo Perico.

Apart from this there are also the sand sculptures of these Monsters at back of the bar – you can
find them during the beach party section of the heist.

Snap a picture and send it over to Pavel, where he’ll state that it’s not possible for the monster
to have been spotted this far south. Of course, this isn’t the case. According to GTA Series Videos,
the Loch Ness Monster can be spotted during different stages of the Cayo Perico Heist.

Important: Do not go too close to the creature or else it will dive to the bottom of the Ocean instead
snap a picture from a far away place using any scope item/weapon.

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