You may have come across several puzzles in Dead Island 2 that need you to find and use fuses. Fuses are necessary goods in the game since they allow you to power up key regions and proceed through the game. Finding these fuses, however, might be difficult, especially if you are new to the game. This post will provide you with detailed information on where to obtain fuses in Dead Island 2.

What are the Fuses?

Fuses are essential items in Dead Island 2 and are required to activate various electrical devices. These electronic devices could be doors, elevators, generators, or anything else that runs on electricity.

Fuses can be located throughout the game and must be collected in order to continue to the next level.

You won’t be able to enter certain parts of the game if you don’t have fuses, and you might also get trapped in the same place.

Furthermore, you’ll need fuses to power up weapons or defenses in the game, making them essential elements for success.

Where to Find Fuses in Dead Island 2?


The only way to get fuses in Dead Island 2 is to purchase them from a Trader for $1,500 per fuse.

These traders can be found throughout the game in various locations. The first one you should meet is Carlos, who lives near the beginning of the game in Emma Jaunt’s house.

In Dead Island 2, players can only carry three fuses at once. To earn more fuses, players should use the ones they already have to power up electrical devices and unlock new locations. This method enables them to acquire additional fuses and advance in the game.

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