Some Fortnite players have found Meowscles secret vault key card hidden on the map
and here is how & where to find the card.

The first-ever Vault added in-game was in Chapter 2, inside the vault there are plenty of
exclusive overpowered loot that can change circumstances into your favour.

And being an exclusive loot point it also attracted a lot of players attention which results
in early gunfights.


But it is fading away now, still, quarrel can take place as a new vault is approaching with
upcoming patch notes as its key is already been discovered following patch notes v12.30.

The key is discovered by a YouTuber.

How to get Meowscles secret vault key card

YouTuber ‘Ali-A’ released a tutorial on April 7, showcasing the way of getting your hands on to
Meowscles secret vault key card.

Well, this key card can’t be found at any usual ‘hot drop’ zones instead the key card is tied to

According to the YouTuber, the secret of the key card lies into the Warehouse at the bottom right corner of the map but the card isn’t there neither it points or hints about the location.

Ali-A mentions that you need to defeat ‘Meowscles’ in the cardboard box factory to get
the special key card. And it can be super easy you just need to match your timing and angle.

However, after you win the key it won’t be tied to you, meaning other players can still steal it
from you so be careful about your surroundings.

The card is called ‘The Yacht key card’.

After fetching the key card it will take you to the Agency where you have to do some
underwater swimming to find the treasure.

The key card will open up a vault near Agency where you can find exclusive loot but the key
card sign will not pop up as of now – just like it happens in other games when you reach a
point where the card or key have to activate something.

This key card can be a mis addition to early updates and may get patched out sooner but still
it’s better to know the location for upcoming events.

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