Fortnite week 5 challenges want you to find Deadpool’s unicorn and visit Red, yellow, Green, Blue and Purple steel bridges, and here is where to find Deadpool’s unicorn and steel bridges.

Fortnite Week 5 challenges are super easy but time-consuming because you need to find lost items which can be anywhere on the island.

You can find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn at the headquarters – the same place where Chimichangas can be found, but the unicorn is in an entirely new room.

Where to find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn

The stuffed unicorn will be found in Meowscles new Agent room – Meowscles gym.

You can easily spot the unicorn in Meowscles Gym – The unicorn is right next to Meowscles right foot.


Where to find rainbow steel bridges

You might have seen some of these bridges around Fortnite map as all of them have different colours.

Because these same bridges are also used in some other challenges in the past where you had to dance on them.

Also in one challenge, you have to spray paint three of these bridges.

For the Deadpool challenge in Week 5, you’ll need to visit all five of them to “embrace the rainbow.” Here are the locations of the bridges on the map.

Steel Bridges locations in Fortnite


After completing both of these tasks you will be rewarded with this week’s Deadpool reward.

You will be getting a new loading screen rather than the full skin this week.

Most probably the full skin will be available in next week challenge reward.

It will be the ‘Cuddletime Coup’ loading screen, showing the Marvel superhero snuggling in with the Cuddle Team Leader, with the description “There’s a new leader in town.”


For the next week challenges and how to complete them make sure to check us later.

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