When is Fedmyster retuning to Twitch? it is a big question after all the controversy and drama happened to him – but his recent activity suggests he might be making a plan for a comeback.

Federico Michael Gaytan known by his stage name Fedmyster is keeping a very low profile since
his removal from Offline TV for sexual misconduct allegations.

However, at the end of 2020 he wrote a document about the circumstances he is stuck in to Pokimane
which eventually got leaked.


Moving on as the situation is now nowhere being discussed or you can say as the situation is out of
limelight, he still has not been much active on any of his social media including Twitch. And many
of his fans are left wondering – what is happening with him? and When is Fedmyster retuning to Twitch?.

Recently, many people found a little hint about his comeback plans. None of this information has
been addressed by Fed himself but there are clues about his comeback and that it might happen
sooner than expected.

Fedmyster is retuning to Twitch on February 3, 2021. In his Twitch channel’s schedule section
one can easily see what he is upto, currently his schedule section mentions that he is on vacation
and that he will return in 20 days. Adding more to the hint he has apparently scheduled a stream
on February 3rd, 2021.

The scheduled stream is going to be a full-time stream till now unless he changes it. However there
has been no comment on this from Fedmyster on any of his social media handles.

Considering his comeback and all the drama in the past it will be interesting to see how users
react to this. We hope to see the audience giving him another chance. There will also be people who
will not be ready to tolerate him for a single second on the screen.

Anyhow, we will keep updating you on this topic if anything comes up so follow us on Twitter.

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