TikTok has just launched “TikTok Trivia,” which allows users to compete in challenges, however, some users have noticed issues with event popups. Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about trivia.

On February 16, TikTok announced “TikTok Trivia”, an event with “5 days of interaction with TikTok Trivia presented by Lionsgate and John Wick Chapter 4”, starting on February 22

In the announcement, article TikTok explained: “Starting February 22, you can tune into the official @TikTok account to participate in trivia challenges and interact with host, actor, and TikTok creator James Henry, known for his creative skits and quirky videos.”

Starting February 16, anyone 18 or older in the US can register for the event, and every day you’ll have a chance to win a $500,000 prize pool.

In the announcement, they explain furthermore: “The first three days of trivia will include two sessions per day at 5-6 pm PT/8-9 ET and 6-7 pm PT/9-10 pm ET. Each session will have several rounds of trivia questions where you can select answers from multiple-choice options.”

They explain that in order to earn some of the prize money, you must correctly answer all of the questions.

How to block TikTok Trivia pop-up?

Following the announcement of the event, some TikTok tablet users experienced an issue in which a pop-up ad for the event appeared on their screen and they appeared to have no method of removing it.

However, some users have stated that the problem seems to occur when viewing TikTok in landscape mode, and if they switch to portrait mode, they can get rid of the popup.

Also, when viewing the For You page, you may notice a small pop-up on the side of your screen You can exit it by simply tapping the “X” icon, but you may have to close it multiple times every time you open the app