What is Fortnite Crew membership: It is a monthly subscription which includes Battle Pass, V-Bucks, exclusive skins and many more benefits, these items will change every month.

Fortnite officials have confirmed a new subscription system that will release along with the Season 5 major
update inside this crew pack players will not have to buy individual skins from the Fortnite shop instead
they will get skins bundles at the beginning of each month.

Monthly subscription pack system is being acquired by many gaming companies like Xbox have its own Game Pass and now Fortnite is having their crew membership pack following OTT platforms like Netflix and
Amazon Prime.

Here is a compete list of what benefits you will be getting along this subscription pack.

What is Fortnite Crew Membership price and start date

The first thing that everyone is looking forward to is the price of this new system as the price plays a major
role for any subscription plan, here are the prices.

  • $11.99
  • £9.99

Crew membership will start from December 2, 2020 which is the same day when Season 5 will release.
The price seems to be very reasonable as the original Battle Pass costs around $9.50.


What will you get in this subscription pack (December 2020 Variant)

According to an official blog post from Epic Games, the Fortnite Crew membership will include the following:

  • Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass
  • An exclusive monthly Crew Pack
  • 1,000 V-Bucks each month

According to the officials, the skins pack will vary month to month as most of the community is very much
obsessed with skins and cosmetics – meaning we will be watching a lot of reaction videos from content creators now.

In an official statement they says: “Monthly Crew Packs always contain a new Outfit along with at least one accessory. All items are exclusive to Fortnite Crew members.”


How to sign up for Fortnite Crew

  1. Launch Fortnite on your console or PC.
  2. Enter the Battle Pass menu screen.
  3. Click the Fortnite Crew signup icon.
  4. Enter your details and complete the sign-up

How to Receive Fortnite rewards from Subscription pack?

According to Epic Games officials in order to receive these rewards from subscription pack – you need to
just login into their primary account each monthly subscription period to access your subscription content.
These content will vary month to month and Epic Games guarantee that these will surely have V-Bucks and Battle Pass.

Is it cross platform?

According to the Fortnite officials, a player’s Crew account will only work for their primary platform. For example, if you sign up for the Crew on Xbox One or Series X|S, it won’t carry over to PlayStation 4/5.

On the subject, they have said: “Your Subscription is associated with the platform on which you purchased it (your “Primary Platform”) until it is canceled and is not transferable. Be sure to choose the platform (e.g., Xbox, PlayStation, Switch) you purchase your Subscription on carefully. You’ll be able to access the items you receive from the Subscription across different platforms, but the V-Bucks you receive may not be redeemable on other platforms.”

Fortnite Crew Trailer

Here is the official trailer of this crew subscription pack in case you haven’t watched it yet.


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